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5 years ago
Meet a Filmosophy Writer: Letitia

Letitia Trent lives in Burlington, Vermont. She is a graduate of the Ohio State University MFA program and was a resident at MacDowell and the Vermont Studio Center. Her poetry and prose has appeared in The Denver Quarterly, Fence, Gargoyle, Folio, and Black Warrior Review, among others. Her chapbook, The Medical Diaries, is available from Scantily Clad press. She loves poetry, all kinds of movies (but especially good horror or dreamy non-linear narratives), making jewelry but not wearing it, photography, coloring big messy things with pastels, and eating ice cream. Because she lives in Vermont, she owns a pair of really ugly leather sandals.


Filmosophy Reviews:

Death Proof

The Dreamers

The World According to Garp

Julie & Julia

What About Bob?

The Descent


In the Cut

A Christmas Carol

Mulholland Drive

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